Notch Talon Handsaw Leg Mount

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The Talon provides a secure and comfortable leg attachment for any handsaw scabbard. Simply strap the Talon shells anywhere on your scabbard of choice, then secure them to your leg with the provided elastic straps.

Many arborists choose to wear their handsaw on their leg because it keeps the saw from swinging and lets the climber know exactly where the saw is at all times. With its secure connection and thick padding, this revolutionary accessory fixes all of the problems associated with wearing a saw on the leg, including inconvenient strap placement and uncomfortable pressure or chafing.

• Ergonomically designed Talon shells can be placed anywhere on your leg
• Eliminates chafing and rubbing
• Adds space between your leg and the saw to minimize catching on pants
• Provides superior airflow between the scabbard and your leg
• Fits any handsaw scabbard, guaranteed

A tough rubber strap secures the scabbard to the shell, while an elastic Velcro strap holds it firmly to your leg.
One size fits all.

Weight .215 kg
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SKU: 39890 Categories: , , , ,