28″ JBC Revolution Orange Safety Cones

Brand JBC Traffic cones


18" JBC Revolution Series Orange Safety ConeThe All New Patented Revolution Series Cones with superior qualituy and competitively priced.Features an 28" wide body fluorescent orange cone with a 7 lb base. The Revolution Series will change the way you think about traffic cones. If you’re seeking a product that is superior in quality yet competitively priced, look no further than the Revolution Series. The Revolution Series is manufactured using premium grade PVC Injection molding technology, resulting in the most durable traffic cones available on the market. Our patented process gives you the best of both worlds - high quality products, at a competitive price. The Revolution Series is 100% Fluorescent Orange both inner and outer layers, the industry's first and only. The Revolution Series features a patented Circle Interlocking System and Leveling Diferential Mechanism.The Leveling Diferential Mechanism design involves strategically placed cavities inside the base to provide a stronger foundation, alllowing the Revolution Series to absorb repeated impacts resulting in a virtually indestructible base.JBC Revolution Series meets MUTCD & NCHRP Standards.See the Attachments Tab above for additional information on the Revolutin Series Cones.

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