Tree Tools USA is known for supplying the arborist industry with quality tree health management tools and equipment to do their work safely and efficiently.

Call or come by and visit your source for quality tree and plant health management supplies.


Visit our showroom located at 4519 N. 7th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona. You will find a complete selection of everything you need to climb, prune, remove, or treat a tree. Our top-of-the-line professional tree and shrub health management tools and equipment includes:

  • Tree climbing gear
  • Pole pruners and saws
  • Loppers and shears
  • Personal protection
  • Hand pruners/saws
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Micro-nutrients
  • Complete/custom fertilizers
  • Traffic Safety Equipment

AND, green industry publications on safety training, skill enhancement, and scientific data. Our customers tell us they feel like kids in a candy store! Whether you are old school or new, we have what you need; or if not, we will do our best to find it for you.

Ask about receiving notifications of specials, contests, and new products.

Tree Tools USA has been the leading plant health care professional in the Phoenix area since 1978. Tim A. Johnson, who has been involved in the field of arboriculture for over 50 years, founded the business.

Tim is a recognized industry leader in diagnostic consultation and employee training. He is a second-generation consulting arborist and started his career in Arboriculture 1961 with his father’s tree care firm. The company’s consulting division provides diagnostic consulting, expert witness opinions and testimony, educational programs and training, and research. For more information, see www.TreeManagement.US.


We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and professionalism.

Dalton Gormey
Dalton Gormey
20:30 09 Jan 23
This place is the best for all your Arboricultural equipment needs!
Heartwood Tree Care
Heartwood Tree Care
04:43 04 Nov 22
Fantastic customer service at the store or on the phone. They are always patient and willing to help.They have top notch gear and carry plenty of items in stock when you need it same day to get the job done!
Howard Hansen
Howard Hansen
04:40 04 Nov 22
I've been coming to the specialty tools store for professional tree gear since 1999. This store has always had top-notch gear and the fact that it's local allows for you to see it in person try on the equipment if needed and make sure you're getting what you want before you buy it.They are also very knowledgeable and helping you to determine what you might need for the job at hand.Since the change of ownership, the store seems to be carrying more items in stock and is very motivated to deliver exceptional customer service. I would highly recommend anyone in the tree industry to stop by and visit the store in person.
Micah King
Micah King
23:39 03 Nov 22
(((PLEASE))) DO NOT ask for a FREE assessment over the phone. Your description nor pictures can do justice for trees.(I have yet to experience this business nor have I had the opportunity to work with them.) BUT I WILL SAY!However, as an ISA Certified Arborist and tree care PROFESIONAL and tree care business owner and operator, MY TIME IS VERY VALUABLE!I for one do NOT give FREE assessments. (BECAUSE) I have worked very hard to accomplish my craft of a professional ISA CERTIFIED ARBORIST. My time is very important to me and my family. This is a skill I have crafted over nearly 20 years. My time, my experience, my knowledge, my fuel, and my craft SHALL not be taken advantage of or be accepted to be (FREE). We, as true professional arborist have worked hard in our craft. And it IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER. (Our work is typically in the top 10 most dangerous jobs every year). So please take that into account.As for this business, their time is also VERY VALUABLE. PLEASE DONT CALL ASKING FOR A FREE EVALUATION OVER THE PHONE... PAY THESE PROFESIONALS THEIR WORTH. (What they ask.) The assessment/ evaluation fee should come off the top of their proposal if you chooset to have them do the work for you...Otherwise, that payment goes towards  their TIME , EXPERIENCE, AND PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE.(They come to you) to assess YOUR trees. Give education, and give the best industry recommendations, use their time, their expertise, and their fuel. So PLEASE do not take ARBORISTS for granted. WE ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST. (You're more then happy to call a landscaper). (BUT, IF YOU THINK HIRING AN ARBORIST IS EXPENSIVE THEN TRY ONE THAT IS NOT).STOP TAKING THESE PROFESIONALS TIME FOR GRANTED AND USE THEM..WE (ARE) THE TREE PROFESIONALS...
Jason Hertenstein
Jason Hertenstein
11:15 15 Jul 22
tree trimming equipment , new owners a big plus ....... so if you didn't go there because of the old owners which I have herd more people never went there cause of the old owner well they are gone gone gone , new blood and nice environment , polite people , nobody talks down to anyone , verry enjoyable visit and purchase ..
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